Xiangxi Zhicheng high purity New Material Co., Ltd. was established in March 2020. The company is mainly engaged in the production, R & D and sales of high purity quartz sand and quartz glass products (quartz glass tube, quartz crucible, quartz ingot); the production and sales of spherical silica powder and intermediate raw materials of spherical silica powder. The technical team of the company has been engaged in the research and development of quartz materials for ten years. The technical principal of the company is the drafter of the local standard for high-purity quartz sand products in Hunan Province, and has successively participated in 5 invention patents. The company has 39 employees, including one doctor, one graduate student and three undergraduates. The company is equipped with ICP-OES, laser particle size analyzer, polarizing microscope and other instruments. Warmly welcome the leaders, experts and businessmen of the same industry to come to discuss business!

China's high-purity quartz sand and quartz glass products professional manufacturers, professional manufacturers of silicon materials!

Core values of the company: customer first, employee second, shareholder third!